Frequently Asked Questions

Where is dynaMIT located?

dynaMIT is located on MIT campus and the entire duration of the program happens in MIT

Will dynaMIT provide housing or transportation?

No, dynaMIT is not a sleepaway camp so we rely on parents to provide housing and transportation to an from camp. Ideally students will be coming from the Boston area (or somewhere close), so housing should not be an issue.

Is dynaMIT free?

Yes, dynaMIT is completely free of charge to the students, though individuals are more than welcome to donate to our cause in order to help us keep the camp free. However, donations are not required by any means.

Who are the instructors at dynaMIT? How can I volunteer?

All of our mentors are current MIT undergraduate students who volunteer a week of their time in the summer to teach at camp. MIT students interested in applying to be a mentor should check back Spring 2019.

How are students selected for the program?

We do our best to accept students based on need as we hope to make STEM education more accessible for the underserved.